Measurement on outdoor air quality of the city

The Challenge

The challenge was to measure air quality in a city that has a large number of chemical companies with highly polluting products.

The Solution

What we did was to find a manufacturer of air quality sensors and request the fabrication of custom sensors with the gases that the customer needed. These measurements were then transmitted via LoraWan to the cloud, providing the city’s inhabitants with real-time visualization of the quality of the air they breathe, as well as allowing companies to track their emissions into the city.

The Results
The quality of the data collected by our devices exceeded expectations; one week into the analyses, and it was already possible to determine moments of contamination higher than the allowed ones.

The most regarded benefits of the solution are as follows:

  • Monitoring of air quality activity by any citizen of the city.
  • Permanent control by the regulatory authorities.
  • Verification of gas emitting industries.
  • We are currently developing with partners, the incorporation of these measurements together with the automation of traffic lights in the city for traffic control.

Some images of the dashboard are shown below: