Increased efficiency in the monitoring of industrial parameters

The Challenge

To monitor temperature, humidity and consumption (water, energy, gas) measurements, this industrial plant currently had a group of 6 people divided into 3 shifts, 24 hours a day, to record these parameters.
These manual records, had as a consequence errors in the data collection, errors in writing them manually and above all the repetitive task for one person, which was extremely demotivating.

The Solution

What we did was to track all the measurements that were taken manually, and using 3 models of devices we were able to cover more than 150 measurements in the industrial plant by strategically installing a single LoraWan gateway.

We have designed a complete dashboard, in which the industrial complex and the different variables measured through our LoraWan devices can be visualized.

When the customer could notice the advantages of having implemented this technology, then asked us to add more sensors in other areas and measure new variables such as vibration of engines, operating status of machines, pressures in fluid pipelines, compressed air, among others.

The Results
As expected, data accuracy and frequency were both improved, but the quality of the data collected by our devices exceeded expectations; one month into the analyses, and it was already possible to determine energy, temperature and pressure leaks, that were confirmed by maintenance teams sent to the place.

The most regarded benefits of the solution are as follows:

  • Reading frequency increased from once a day to once every hour and half hour.
  • Data frequency allowed the construction of a profile of consumption.
  • Eradication of human error with data accuracy improved with automated readings.
  • Data Analyses allowed for the detection of patterns and irregularities, such as leaks.

Some images of the dashboard are shown below: